Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Last Layout for Cape Cod: Greetings from the Canal Bike Trail

Alas, camping season is officially over. I mean I just scrapped the last page so it must be over! Leaves are falling here in NY and I officially broke out the coat today. Fun times. I also used up a piece of paper that is ancient from my stash and I love the vintage pile of picture look I created!

We all really enjoyed this bike trail that ran along the Cape Cod Canal. Luke and I biked a portion of it while we were waiting for the dinner train to cross. See the railroad bridge went up & down to accommodate either the canal boat traffic or the train that had to cross. It was super cool and in fact we went down just to see the dinner train one night.

I upcycled a bike reflector I found there for my title. I have been waiting to use it and in fact planned on it when I found it! Happy Times! The purple stamp is real too. I found a couple of those recently and saved them for a page too!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 16, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Three

Oh goodness! The third Funkie Junkie tag is upon us! It's a riot of red with splashes of white....wonder where I got inspiration for my jar!

Love those candy stripes on Linda's tag, so pretty! They reminded me of candy, which is why I added a little candy cane to my jar on top of a little wooden ornament.

I spray painted my jar red to match the theme of Linda's and then added a splash of green with some vintage holly. Of course the poinsetta is vintage too. I've been hoarding it for a while!

I do hope you get to check out the sponsor of these tags, Linda's store The Funkie Junkie Boutique. Lots and lots of yummy things! Some of my favorites are the flowers she carries.

Happy Monday! Only nine more tags to go!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like....

Fall with a side of Christmas!

Mass production of silver streaky vases ensued last weekend. Must make some progress on the centerpieces for Civil Air Patrol. This year they are having their party at a musuem so I have uped my game! I'm still rolling with red, white, blue, and probably sparkly. Yes, sparkly is a color.

Wish me luck as I'm trolling our ReStore waiting for something cool to add to those star boughs...I brought home some white pointsettas but they are probably too big...Mom's on the hook to make some really cool bows for me, so I'll have to plan on those too...

It's nice to have the spray painting done before the cold weather though!

Happy Tuesday which is officially Civil Air Patrol Day in this house!

Monday, October 9, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar Two

Goodness gracious, so far I'm keeping up! Usually I start these a lot later & I like a little pressure with my crafting...so I'll see how I do! This one was made possible by that really pretty decorative base that someone thrust in my hands at work and demanded I take home. I'm not kidding. They loaded the scrap pile at work into the dumpster and selected a few items for me. I was going to keep these jars all at the same level so they got progressively bigger, but then that seemed boring...especially when that gold jar worked so well with that base...

My inspiration for Jar 2 came from Linda's tag over at the Funkie Junkie. I was really excited to work with cream, gold, and some stars.

I added some purple to mine, mainly because my Victorian Santa was well, purple. I like it though, makes me happy. Those vintage holly leaves and the snowflakes came from the ReStore as well. At some point soon, they start bringing down all the Christmas boxes they have been hoarding all year so I'm anxious to see what they have! It's kinda a tradition of mine!

Another tradition of mine is to hop over to the Funkie Junkie after this contest is over and STOCK UP for the year. I do see Linda is running a Columbus Day weekend sale though at the moment...hmmmm......

Happy Monday to you!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Nuts About You Card for THE CUTTING CAFE

THE MAN has an upcoming birthday so I wanted to make him a funny card. By funny, I mostly meant funny to me.

At the current moment THE MAN and the dog aren't on the same page as the dog believes he should spend every possible minute chasing the chipmunks and squirrels who are frantically getting ready for winter. They don't wish to be menaced and must take precious time to say rude things to the dog when they aren't dropping nuts on his head. THE MAN thinks the dog should chill and come when he's called, not ten minutes later with his nose all dirty and attempting to look innocent.

I think THE MAN appreciated the humor of my acorn card although he did grimace a bit and reminded me that red squirrels are the worst. It was supposed to be a treat cup card, but I thought it would make a cool shaker so ran with that idea. Shimmer hearts, how can you go wrong!?

Regina has a full range of awesome treat cups to celebrate fall & Halloween, or in this case...a fall birthday! The Halloween & Fall Treat Cup Cards at the Cutting Cafe really are very versatile! Well, I'm off to do some yard work and play mediator between the dog and the chipmunks....and then time to make a birthday pie!

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

12 "Tags" of Christmas for the Funkie Junkie: Jar One

Maybe some year I'll actually make tags, but as you can see, I opted to go with little glass jars. I have quite the collection of them. In fact, I have been hoarding this green one for quite a while. I think I got it at an after Christmas sale at Michaels, but certainly not last year...so it's nice they are out and ready to get prettied up!

Linda's tag inspired me of course to use a deer, but here's where her tag and my jar differ. My deer is Rudolf and doing a happy tag dance 'cause I'm super excited that the 12 Tags has started! I did also use pine trees. Lucky me I have quite the stash of Jolees to use up so I'll be making good use of them.

Really like that vintage holly. Found that at the ReStore. Matches nicely with Rudolph's nose!

Well, I'm off! First "tag" done and dusted and for once I'm actually starting them when I should!

A huge thanks to Linda who hosts us for this challenge & runs the most amazing store called the Funkie Junkie that you really must check out! It's a must visit for crafters!

Come back and hang with me tomorrow, I have another CAPE COD page. Only one more to go and I'm officially caught up from the summer!

Day 4 in the Cape: Love Life

Completed this page a couple of weeks ago and just didn't get around to blogging about it. It's easy to make pages when you use a photo collage like this one and have the backgrounds premade. I made a bunch of matching backgrounds while camping so when I got a chance, it was pretty easy to get a page put together. This also means I'll actually scrap the whole trip. ;-)

On Day 4 we ended up in Wood's Hole, MA which is also the home of NOAA. We visited a free aquarium, checked out the cool ships in the bay, and then went home to have seafood pizza. It was a neat little town and one of my favorites from the trip.

I'm enjoying playing with some new flowers I got that match the paper. They are inspiring me to finish the few pages I have left from the trip!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Cape Cod Day 5 Dream Big Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

Our challenge this time 'round over at Another Freaking Scrappy is to use words of Thanks on a layout. Words like - Thank You, Gratitude, Grateful, Thanks as a title or in your journaling all apply!

I used the opportunity to talk about something I almost lost out on. We had our trip to the CAPE planned for ages until a kid needed to change the week around for school. I then got the opportunity to go to some training which due to moving the week around, conflicted. We tried really hard to change the camping trip, but couldn't. So, I had to make a choice. One of my main rules is that Pratt Inc. is always first and everyone was very excited to head off for a week to explore, so I couldn't let them down. At the very top, my journaling talks about that choice. 

I was also thankful this layout turned out pretty flat! I produce about two very full scrapbooks a year and I'm always happy to conserve space!

Stop back tomorrow, I'm posting my first Funkie Junkie "tag"! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Besting the Bugs & Rocking the House

Each house has a story to tell. Right now the one I'm working on in the 'Post tells a story of neglect. As far as I know, it's only 18 or so years old and it was build by Habitat back in the day. We think that a couple of holes in the aluminum flashing along the very bottom by the slab compiled with a ongoing leak in the bathroom attracted the termites & gave them a way in. As the bug guy said, this was one yummy house and took photos. (If the bug guy takes photos, it's 'cause it's a doozie in case you are wondering.)

I happen to have the bug guy on speed dial. See, when we first got the house and after hauling out three dumpsters of trash and belongings, he then came in and treated for bedbugs and fleas. He promised that when we went back in with volunteers if I saw something crawling, even if that something was a half dead spider, he'd be over in a flash.

Right now this house we're working on has missing siding on a large part of the back and in fact is down to studs in many places as we chase termite damage around the three bedrooms. It's upsetting and frustrating that something that once was so lovingly built is damaged so. I'm imagining that it's a similar feeling a lot of people in the States are dealing with after the hurricanes and they have plaster board to rip out and ruined insulation.

Regardless we solder on. The new potential homeowner popped over for her first visit just the other day. I had prepared her and said that even though it looks like a hot mess, please have vision and faith that this will be an awesome house. I promised that at the end she will have a comfortable place full of light in those huge windows we're going to replace. I showed her the open kitchen layout we came up with and told her to pick colors for the cabinets and paint.

Some of the scars that house gave me aren't easy for me to forget. We had to evict the previous owner who begged for more time around Thanksgiving last year and then right before Christmas without any evidence of progress, we had to proceed. See, at Habitat you get a hand up, not a hand out. You still have to pay for your affordable mortgage and like the rest of the world, if you don't pay you don't get to stay. I'd have felt very badly, but it was four years since her divorce & ample time to get things straightened out. Still, we like to put people in houses, not take them away.

Needless to say I feel a little down when I walk though the house. It's still a bit smelly & not very lovable. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the bathroom yesterday and found a pretty painted rock. See one of my good friends brought her kids down to "rock the house" for the volunteers. I had forgotten a little person would notice that the tarp on the back of the house had a little gap in it and a little arm snuck one in. I had been leaving the rocks for others to find, but in the way of rocks, this one was for me to find...

Made my day and gave me hope! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we build another home for a family!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

CAPE COD 1st Day Layout

I'm really enjoying these little photo collages and making a nice wrap up page each day from our recent vacation. I'm actually almost done, which is a great feeling! We're entering the down hill slide into the holidays and it's time to get my 12 Tag on over at the Funkie Junkie! Before you know it, we will have snow here in NY!

Most of the pages I'm making have long strips for writing down journaling. This one has a huge popped title so I know it's the start of our Cape Cod trip. Can you see that I mounted a photo saying CAPE COD on a piece of corrugated cardboard?

I saw a cool magnet in a gift shop and wanted to use it as a title on a page so I just took a photo of it! The magnet itself was way too big...so this worked well!

I'll be back soon with enother page!

Monday, September 25, 2017

There's No Place Like Home

Having spent a chunk of last week away at a conference, I totally enjoyed a quiet Sunday at the house. To quote Dorothy, there is really no place like home, even if that means catching up on laundry and making an epic dinner as you are so tired of eating out.

Let's talk about home for a minute. I spent nearly two days in classes & networking learning about best practises, ways to improve the home for the homeowner, and mortgages. What we didn't touch on was what we are really providing. That came to me via a text message from our latest homeowner. I asked her how things were going and she said that she was nearly unpacked in the house and was getting ready to tackle the garage next.

See, we rehabbed a house from 1927 for her that had recently gone through a fire. Normally homeowners don't get a garage with a Habitat House or a fenced in yard.  I was pretty sure some time in January when we were running off generators and portable heaters that this house was going to kill me. Later, it was the cedar shakes in the heat of the summer. I can honestly say this house was NOT quick by a long shot, however we finally wrapped it up.

During the long wait as we rehabbed everything, we had a couple of days working on the overgrown backyard that was full of pretty rose bushes. I was heartbroken we had to cut out so much. Interestingly enough, the other day I was in her backyard and the roses are growing back. Kinda like her house.

Anyhow, back to her text message. I asked our new homeowner if her Mom and Dad liked her house. She said they really did and that her Dad was going to built a special removable ramp to get her Mom into the house. She also was put in charge of hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. This is the kind of thing that I totally needed to hear. Made all that work worthwhile. We created a space for family and that's pretty freaking cool.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Poconos Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE using the Vintage Boot File

Really loved this Vintage Boot I created for THE CUTTING CAFE. In fact, I knew I had the perfect page for it when I spotted it. It was really quite simple to assemble, once I cut out the pieces. It's meant to be a card, but here it's a really pretty embellishment.

I cut out all the pieces to the file as I wanted the boot to have dimension. I pop dotted the pieces and added the last piece that I inked up and stamped with a pretty lace image. The little lace buttons were in my stash and I added lots of flowers by the boot to accent it.

This page was really all about using up some scraps and talking about the last camping trip of the season. Both kids had commitments, so we went by ourselves and discovered how quiet it was and how much room we had minus two kids and a dog. It was very relaxing, except for keeping track of the kids!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sun Shine & Good Times Layout from Cape Cod (Day 2)

Plugging away on making pages from our recent Cape Cod trip. I'm really finding that I'm enjoying the collages provided by Google Photo. I just figure out which photos I want and make a collage. That way I don't end up with five trillion pages from one week! It works to sumorize one day and unless I have a really special photo or two, helps to get the layouts all scrapped.

The backgrounds I actually made WHILE camping, so they all have a similar look. This is a good thing as they will all be hanging out together in my book...see, almost looks like I meant to make a double page spread!

I specifically bought some matching flowers so they layouts from this trip will all jive. I've been enjoying some new blooms! Funny what a little shopping does for one! Happy Shopping Dance!

I'll be back soon with Day One from our trip!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wince Worthy Plastic Doilies & a Giveaway

Had a little stroll through ReStore the other day. Was pretty pumped about finding these really pretty yellow roses in a baggie, some little penguins that will be cute on a winter card, cool shimmer dove & heart confetti for shaker cards, and a little woodsy humming bird. Randomly, I was also excited about these really ugly plastic doiles, but let me tell you why...

These plastic doilies in the wild are really a monstrosity. Here they look all innocent, but I assure you that before I pulled all the foliage off they were quite hideous. I like them for two reasons. They work awesome for mixed media as they are really heavy duty. In fact, it's not my first time finding them. Back then I had a stack that I shared with friends and kept a couple of myself. Here's a layout from 2013 where I used plaster and then inked it up when it was dry.

I also used the plastic vintage looking foliage on Christmas cards.

Since I'm quite set on plastic doilies myself, I have three vintage plastic doilies up for grabs!!! I am keeping the foliage as that Christmas card season is sneaking up on us and it's kinda flat like, so good for posting.

First three peeps to message me will get their very own freshly washed Wince Worthy plastic doily, which is worth it's weigh in gold as a crafting supply!

Happy Happy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

12 Tags of Christmas Prep for the Funkie Junkie

So, I don't know about you, but every year the Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Chrismas sneaks up on me. I feel the same way about all the major holidays that happen at the end of the year too, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I tell myself it's like getting upset it's winter again since that is what happens here in December.

Last year Linda started making her tags around the end of this month. I know, I just went and checked. In an effort to actually start these tags ON TIME, I started thinking about what I'm going to make in January, as in last January. I also recently conned talked my friend Lisa into playing too. She's going to use this fancy smancy golf ball holder. Hopefully I'll send it to her soon. I'm using little glass jars because I got the green and gold ones on clearance and they are super pretty. I think I'll do small ones first and work up to bigger ones with something built on top in 3-D. Having a plan now is a really good thing since I'm a couple of jars short and I will need a little time to eat an entire jar of artichoke hearts. Can't rush that.

So, yes, the 12 Jars of Christmas will start posting before you know it!

Let's have a little look back over the years as this will be my sixth year participating.  (I've also never won the prize drawing at the end, so maybe this year it will be me!) Please keep your toes crossed. 

Let's see....back in 2012 I decorated the top of Herb Ox containers.
Then in 2013 I altered a sample box. 

In 2014 I made icicles.

In 2015 I decorated punch cups. 

Last year I decorated Jello Molds. 

Yikes! I'm almost ready to even start Christmas cards! I'm getting all excited! 

Wish me luck! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

BEST DAY Layout from Cape Cod

We spent about a week recently camping in Cape Cod in the town of Bourne. Really loved the campground, which was super relaxing and nicely kept. THE MAN who was feeling a bit ill at the start of our trip having recently gotten over a summer cold declared that the kids would create the schedule. This was an epic idea.

Randomly wandering around on the first day we found some epic pizza rolls for lunch, a pretty little beach that was far from the maddening crowd, met some cool little crabs, and had a moon pie for dessert. We focused on having lunch out which is always the cheaper meal with dinner back at the camper & a campfire.

The background for this photo collage happened to be one I had made while we were in Cape Cod. In fact, I was so pleased how the roses in the paper corresponded to the rose from the beach. So pretty!


And because it's always nice to see a cool little crab, I'll leave you with a video!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Little Fall on a Sunday

As far as I can tell, camping season is over. I always tell myself that once school has started and it gets a little colder that we still have good weekends left....but then things speed up and a month later we end up winterizing the camper and saying good bye to campfires and scrapbooking on a picnic table. 

This summer wasn't conventional by a long shot anyhow.  It seemed like we had even less summer than normal! The oldest had a job at the Corning Museum of Glass. She drove herself to work, bought (or packed) her own lunch/dinner, got herself home, stopped at the library and basically was Mistress of her Own Destiny. The boy spent as many days as he could up on the Hill getting as many glider flights under his belt as possible in order to earn up the ability to fly solo. When he wasn't there, he spent two weeks at STEM which is a Science & Tech school that he applied for. They are selective on how many kids they take, with the caveat that you must go for two weeks during summer break. I was proud as hell when he was accepted and also super pleased he didn't complain about having to lose some of his valuable summer.  

I personally never thought the kids would camp as much as they did with us this summer, but for the most part they were with us, even for a week in Cape Cod. This makes my heart happy and in fact today I made quite a pretty layout of some recent photos. So beautiful and happy, those kids of mine!

Of course all that traveling made crafting a bit hard. I was asked what I was doing today on this rather cool and sunny Sunday and my answer was healing my soul in my office with some paper. Nobody even questioned it as they were probably tired of watching me pull out a small bag of paper and work on a picnic table. As much fun as it is to work from a kit, it's also nice to have all your STUFF right at your finger tips. 

So far today has involved some spray paint, hot glue, a layout, and lots and lots of catching up. Throw in a couple of load of laundry between chillaxing because well, well we do need clean clothes...I did also managed to put away these cards I had made on my last camping trip. I used the very last bits up of a couple of kits I had been playing with all summer. They are FLAT too, so I can mail them easily...also used up some pretty fall stuff I had been hoarding! This is a good thing! 

And last but not least....I am giving away my candlesticks & a cutting file from a HOP last week....are you ready?

Diane YOU are the winner! I'll send you out the cutting file and the candlesticks just as soon as I get your email and home addy! Happy Winner Dance!