Monday, January 23, 2017

Pink Pussy Hats and Not Jurying for Memorandum Monday

Remember last week when I was talking about possibly having to go to Jury Duty? Well, I called on Friday night and they didn't have any cases! Must be everyone was too busy watching all the news around swearing in our new president and knitting their pink pussy hats. So anyhow, my unhappy mail was then happy!

As far as the hats go & marching, I am all kinds of impressed that a civil rights movement involves a craft project. In fact, I hope that there is sparkly yarn so you can kinda knit in some glitter with your hat. In all seriousness,  I will say that it seems as far as numbers go that it's a rather dumb ass move to alienate all the minorities. It's like spare change, if you add it all up you might just find out you have more than you thought. Not to mention, aren't women half the population?

Anyhow, onto other things that are pink, like these cards! Both are heading to my friend Starlene who is hanging out on her couch with a bum foot. I am sending her one to enjoy and one to send along to someone else after she adds her own sentiment. I'm also including some tea, because well, tea rocks. As does super thick gold glitter and butterflies! (Thanks Lizzy!)

So Monday, here's to you for a fresh start! A wave to my friend Sian, our host for Memorandum Monday who is far away from the US and probably watching our shenanigans with her own cup of tea and ball of yarn. Also a big thanks to the Pink Pussy Hat Peeps for making their voices heard in peaceful assembly all the while looking stylish, displaying one of our greatest freedoms.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Very Lizzy Valentine's Day Cards for The Cutting Cafe

oh goodness. I set myself up for success when I made these cards. First, I gathered all my little lovelies that my friend Lizzy Hill sent me. She has been playing with punches and that super chunky gold glitter and shared some goodies with me, so I've been hoarding them for a bit.

Then I made a pile of some new fabric washi that I picked up that was on sale....pulled out the gold paint and small stapler. Then, I went to my handy dandy stash of files from THE CUTTING CAFE and fell in love with this XOXO. It's from the XOXO Word Shaped Card file. I only cut out the very top layer that was welded together as it's intended to make a whole card. Here it's my main element on these Valentine's Day cards.

I used paper with a white core so you can see the white peeking out after embossing the letters. AND BAM, how do you like that big butterfly. It's SWEET, is it not. ;-)

You can see some of her white butterflies and little doilies under the those awesome letters too! Can't wait to send these off. I'm doing a Valentine exchange with Aunt Peaches. I got some really pretty cards last year so I can't wait! It's happy mail in the box.

Happy Friday! I'm off today working on a sanding project as I'm working tomorrow at Build Club. I'll be sharing that this next week! Can't wait!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Junkin' Tea Pot Treasures

One of the benefits to working in an office connected to a Habitat ReStore is that you can get your hands on the newest stuff before anyone else does. Oh wait, we don't have that benefit. Someone made a silly rule that we have to wait three days until we're able to buy a new item. Unless of course they mark something like this tea set at $50 and you are like....ah. Yeah. Not. A little too expensive for a tea set I just want to play with, three days be damned. Guess everyone else agreed with me.

So, I waited the six weeks until we had a green dot sale and pounced. It was then half off. BAM! Add in some credit I had to the store and I got this tea set for $10. My kinda bargain. Plus, then I can dress it all up with pretty candy, tea, and a flower without guilt. I did ask my MIL who dabbles in antiques if it was actually worth anything as the set appears to be hand painted Nippon. She was less than enthusastic. I guess it's worth what someone is willing to pay. ;-)

Lexi and I have been contemplating a tea party so I think I'll take my payment in memories, thank you very much. Plus, an excuse for pretty little cakes. Any Brittish peeps willing to give us some pointers, we'll take them!

Happiest of Hump Days to you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Magical Movie Layout

Tis the Season to use up those Christmas scraps! I really pieced them together fact I had a nice big chunk of paper left over from THE CUTTING CAFE  that I misted down with some sparkle spray and thankfully made a good base for my page. The good news is that now I have to buy a new paper packet for Christmas next year which is awesome. No stale paper left me to use use up!

The other lucky item was this Christmas card from Lizzy Hill where she added a wand to her card. I added the entire card because it was so pretty and those red stars she sent me last year. Then I added a flower to it so it matched the rest of the page and some splatters.

I do still have quite a nice stash of velvet holly leaves. Those are vintage and like I said, I'm hoarding them. So pretty on top of a vintage playing card. I thought all these things fit the movie we went to see. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was awesome! Even better was the free pass for the family to the movies complete with popcorn and soda! It was an early morning showing so we popped in to see the movie and then enjoyed the rest of the day home prepping for Christmas.

I do believe this is last Christmas layout. I still have quite a stash of pages that need to be done since most of December I spent playing with other fun stuff! Back tomorrow with a junkin' find though!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Mail & Unhappy Mail for Memorandum Monday

It's dark this time of year when you stop at the end of the driveway to collect the mail from the box. In fact, its dark when you leave for work. Then it's hurry up to the top of the driveway to wrangle supper, opening bills in between the cooking. There is the special tear just a little of the envelope off the power bill as one never knows what delights might wait inside since you are using all kinds of extra electricity to keep things warm and lit. It's no wonder a yummy package will get set lovingly aside for a better time. A time when things aren't hurried, perhaps there is wine, and nobody is menacing you for dinner. Sometimes that good time is a wee bit off from the actual package arrived, so I'm so glad that I'm allowed a little grace in that category since it was totally worth the wait!

Since we are talking about mail over at Memorandum Monday, I'd like to share a very special piece that arrived around the holiday time frame. Huge hugs to Lisa from AZ who is hopefully experiencing slightly warmer temps. The shaker has little clear HEARTS in it and I love those clear little droplets!

Incidentally, this is the most snow I've seen for a while! After you are done enjoying all those pretty little flowers and that jingle bell? Check out how the sidewalk is clear! (Don't tell, but this kind is way better!!!)

If you'd like to join us, we're hanging with Sian from High in the Sky who has themed this years Memorandum Monday to talk about mail, letters, etc. My second choice topic was to discuss the jury summons I received, but I figured I can always save that for a later date. I am hoping that not only does the snow stay away, but they don't pick my number to hang out at the court house for jury selection.

Happiest of Clear Mondays to you!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's All Words and Imagination D & D Party Layout

It's that fabulous time of year here where when you leave for work it's still nearly dark and when you come home it's dark, making taking a photo of a layout nearly impossible! The upside to all of that is a cozy fire, permission to scrapbook as much as you want and massive tea consumption, so I'm only complaining just a little.

It's not my Saturday to run Build Club, so here I am blogging a bit to show you a newly completed layout. My kids being cool cats didn't really want presents this year but they wanted us to host a Dungeons and Dragon Party on December 26th. Seemed like a good plan to me.

Lexi is one of the Dungeon Masters so she had a fair bit of planning to do with Will. They also required a certain set up in the living room, so I had to borrow some tables from work.

Another requirement was plastic table cloths, you know the kind with the stars on them. Since I had no idea what that might be, I bought some sparkly sticker stars which are some of the same ones that landed on this layout.

It also happens to be the season where you only have the dregs of your Christmas scrappin' paper left so I augmented a bit with those glittery letters, so not only did I use up paper scraps but also all my extra homeless letters, so I was quite pleased. Oh and what is Lexi holding in her hand? They also had a White Elephant gift exchange so I'll be making layout on that at some point soon. She happened to get number six. One of the Pratt kids kinda went overachiever on his present so it deserves a layout!

Happy Saturday to you! Hope you are adding some glitter to something somewhere! Hugs!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nancy Drew Shelves

A fresh coat of paint, some new molding, and a new vintage top, I have a new shelf! A bit of a clean out and some rearranging, I love all my boxes and cases shown off. I thought maybe I was going to add a decorative wooden flower to that top, but I like it plain better I think.

Take a peek and let me know. Do love those little spindles at the top! My favorite!

And why you ask is it a Nancy Drew shelf?

Well, because it's actually a door to a closet. A hidden door that I didn't even know existed until after we closed on the house. Every good craft room needs a secret stash spot, no?

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cornwell Tool Box

The other day, one of our volunteers came in to work waving a new set of trowels. She was pleased as punch that she'd have her own tools when we put down our next tile floor. I was proud of her too. Just because you are a girl doesn't mean you can't own your own tools. And by owning your own tools, I don't mean that crap they make FOR girls that is pink and chintzy. (Might be talking a little about that Big Shot on that bottom shelf that is also on it's last legs, seriously ugh)

Having blown through four or five hot glue guns, give me one that costs more and that will be around when I need it. Same goes for can openers. I'm looking at you Oxo. Awarding winning, my foot. But seriously, you ever notice we don't get the same consideration when it comes to tools that guys do? So anyhow, skip the pink tools, throw away the notion that you can't shop at any of the big hardware stores and start your collection.

Recently over the holidays, THE MAN decided to take apart the tool box that was passed down to him by his grandfather and whip it into shape. By whip it into shape, let's keep in mind that this previously red Cornwell box rattled around in the back of a pick up for over a decade because real men carry tools in their truck. I did always love Nate's Grandpa, even though he had the mistaken impression that girls couldn't drive tractors. Ole Cornwell here got a new coat of paint. This is the good stuff too. It's the black paint you use on tractors so meant to take a beating. Good thing, 'cause I now have a new tool box in my office.

How did he paint the drawers, you wondered?

It was some what strange wandering into the garage and seeing them all hanging by strings.

Tomorrow I'm blogging about my newly completed Nancy Drew shelves. What fun! Maybe by the end of this week I'll have a page to share!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Take Some Time to Rest He Said for Memorandum Monday

I woke up stiff the other morning. It didn't really start to hurt until I was crawling around the floor cleaning trim off so the people who were painting behind me could paint it at Build Club on Saturday. Thankfully it was nearly the end of the day and I came home & took a hot shower. Yup, wrenched the back a bit.

The fact we were painting a lady's bedroom who is wheel chair bound from ALS did not escape me. I had quite a lot of compassion laying in bed binge watching The Magician all day Sunday. She doesn't even have a bedroom set up yet downstairs as she has been waiting on a variety of agencies to rework her house. We're the last one in and we're painting. Love the purple for her bedroom.

Anyhow, to cheer myself up I opened this awesome present from Yvonne. It came sometime during the holidays and I wanted to wait until my birthday to open it. Sometimes having a birthday neatly sandwiched in between Christmas and New Years means you are a smidge forgotten. Anyone knows a gift from Yvonne is one that you will like, so I was thinking it would be nice to wait.

Low and behold I had a ton of things to open so then I opted to save it for when I was feeling down. Tweaked back counted as being down. Such lovely good yummy things. I got caught playing with my trinkets and was told to scoot back to bed immediately by THE MAN. He had witnessed a time up north when I had to crawl around the house due to back pain so knows it's better to just use a firm voice.

He said with flashing eye balls....take some time to rest. So, I did. Maybe I did watch too many back to back shows of The Magician...I am not sure his eye balls really flashed...

Sharing this with you for Memorandum Monday which is a brain child of Sian over at From High in the Sky.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Inspired by Iceland Collaboration Piece

Made this piece about a month ago. I wanted to hang with some art peeps who were working on an Iceland inspired piece and I was feeling the burn of too much Christmas stuff to get done so ran with something really simple. The Stardust container came from the ReStore as did the vintage polar bear. I really liked the container but the cork top was looking a little rough.

I hand dyed a couple of small Christmas trees (also adding glitter snow) and then went to town with my hot glue gun and some fake snow. Really like the simplicity of the piece as I've been enjoying it on my window for over a month now and it still makes me smile.

Love these pieces side by side with an added penguin that also came home with me. I wasn't sure if I needed him for my piece or not! Turns out, he is happy hanging out far away from the bear!

Check out the rest of these artists! I always like to see the wide variety of items created and such talent!

PLEASE CLICK to view works for the Inspired by Iceland Challenge...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Everyday Greeting GCAS Pocket Letter for The Cutting Cafe

Goodness, haven't made a pocket letter in like forever. Good thing Regina wanted us to use her Everyday Greeting File. Her extra requirement was to make the card Clean and Simple or CAS. I opted to add one extra word. Mine are GCAS, which stands for Grungy Clean and Simple.

Ohhhh, you haven't ever heard of that before? Well of course you haven't since I just made it up. I was feeling sad about not adding splatters, some inking on the side and distressing my paper. So I opted to run with a clean and simple grunge.....And I can honestly assure you? This is like 10% of what I would normally add to one of my creations. ;-)

Pulled out my teeny tiny stamps and very bitty flowers and BAM, something pretty simple! Oh and yes had to also add staples. Staples make me happy too!

Love these little cards! I can't wait to add some goodies and send this pocket letter off to a friend!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Nancy Drew Shelf Redo

There is this terrible shelf in my office made out of chipboard. It's a long story as to why I have to keep it, but there is no reason it should have to suffer looking so it is in all it's glory un-dusted and un-straighted.

I had this evil plan to merge that very vintage antique wood piece, that wooden rose, some cool new molding, and this very ugly shelf into something worthy of my office. So far, so good. I've unscrewed all that icky round molding, (one is missing in this photo so you can see what I removed), cut, sanded, and screwed in the vintage wood piece, cut, sanded, and air nailed the new molding, and sanded the whole piece so it's ready for paint.

I'm really most excited about the top. Check out this close up! I'm particularly happy about those spindles we rescued as the top antique piece had to be cut down to fit. 

The good news is that we're ready to paint this! I can't wait! We'll be using the air sprayer which I'm not very good at yet, so I'm looking forward to perfecting the technique. And why do you ask are there hinges on the side? Very good question and one that will be answered when it's reinstalled. ;-)

Happy Tuesday!